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Office Hours: Monday to Friday - 8am to 5pm

Paper & Card Sizes

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  • Help us help the victims in Nepal and Vanuatu - Help us to help them, for every job we print in May, we will donate $1 towards Oxfam, to go towards the victims of the earthquake in Nepal and also to the cyclone victims in... More →
  • How to promote sales and protect the environment - Ever wondered what your printing does to the environment? - Sourcing Fibre - By selecting paper from a less than scrupulous supplier could mean sourcing paper derived from timber harvested from old growth forests or made by opportunistic manufactureres who don't care what they damage in order to get the product out. - Instead, always select paper manufactured under chain of custody accreditation, always look for the PEFC, FSC or EMAS certifications to ensure the harvesting and manufacturing of your paper isn't harming the environment any more than it should be. - Printing Process - The days... More →
  • Renewable Energy ~ Smile Power - We have been using renewable energy for over 2 years now, the savings are stacking up, OK it costs more to buy this power but the lower C02 emissions makes us very... More →
  • Testimonial Hygrade Water - After dealing with Nicole and Justin at Tony Wolf & Son, they surpassed our expectations with not only quality but also service. The friendly staff were always happy to assist and we will gladly use their services again. Thank you to Tony Wolf & Sons Printer. -Nicole... More →
  • Thank you for fantastic printing - Hi Ian, I just wanted to thank you for your help and professional advice. Our brochures look fantastic! Paul Thomas - Web Ink... More →

Here is a list of common sizes, however if you have your own custom sizes we will be more than happy to assist your requirements. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have.

Printing Flyers
  • A4 flyers (297x210mm wide)
  • A3 flyers (297x420mm wide)
  • A5 flyers (210x148mm wide)
  • DL flyers (99x210mm wide)
Printing Stationery
  • A4 letterhead (297x210mm wide)
  • DL With compliments (99x210mm wide)
  • A5 With compliments (148x210mm wide)
  • Business cards (55x90mm wide)
Large format Digital Poster Prints
  • A0 posters (1189x840mm wide)
  • A1 posters (840x594mm wide)
  • A2 posters (594x420mm wide)
Printing Posters
  • A4 posters (297x210mm wide)
  • A3 posters (297x420mm wide)
  • A2 posters (594x420mm wide)
Printing Envelopes
  • DL (110x220mm wide)
  • DLX (120x235mm wide)
  • C5 (162x229mm wide)
  • C4 (229x324mm wide)
  • B4 (250x353mm wide)