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How to Prepare Artwork

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This guide has been written to help you prepare your files for artwork production and to avoid the common problems that will cause your artwork costs to increase.

The saying, “rubbish in = rubbish out” still holds true, if you supply and insist on using poor quality files you will end up with a poor quality job. We prefer for artwork to be supplied to us as a high Quality PDF, to create a faster turnaround at a high quality standard.

If this is not suitable for you, we welcome other file formats, which our team will be happy to work with, in order to achieve your needs. However, incompatible files usually incur file conversion fees in order to make them suitable for use as artwork.

Please study our specifications to ensure cost and time efficiency while we produce high quality work for you!. Remember you don’t have to lose sleep over these requirements.

Help is just a phone call away. One of our qualified staff will happily help you out to assit you and your needs. Please call us on (02) 4646 1714.