We employ one full time graphic designer and also a part time graphic designer, having this in-house enables us to work better with you, our designers understand the print process and realise what may look funky, will give unexpected/undesired results and will work with you to create a product you will be 100% happy with. Normally, upon contracting us create and complete your project, you would agree to the quoted price, meet with our designer who will ask the right questions to best understand your needs and desires for the finished product. From the information collected at this initial briefing, our designers will work with you and produce a proof to check. Sometimes they don’t get it right first time, that’s OK, in the quote we allow for a set of minor revisions to get it right, if the design and layout still don’t tickle your fancy, we will continue until it does, there may be an extra charge to achieve the desired outcome, but it will be charged at a reasonable rate and only for the time taken.