Production Digital Equipment



Years ago (around 20 years ago) Instant Printing was a dirty word to the traditional printers in the industry. These operators were commonly from a non-print background with little or no trade skills prior to employment, they had lower overheads and were generally cheaper, sometimes their quality was excellent and very close to that of printers with qualified operators and industry standard equipment, and other times cheap and nasty is that comes to mind, OK I’m not having a rant, just setting the distinction between instant/digital print of old, compared to now. Modern machines and processes mean print quality sometimes surpasses that of current traditional practices and more importantly, the equipment recycling programmes are second to none with discarded end of life parts rebuilt to be reused when servicing/repairing machines, secondly, the energy needed to make the machines is significantly less as well. These machines run more efficiently, the energy needed to run them is also a fraction of what it used to be. Setting up prior to running used to be an expensive wasteful operation, sometimes more overs were needed than what the actual run length was. Thankfully we are running after 2 or 3 prints, saving countless sheets of paper and co2 emissions (not that we produce any co2 emissions as we use Carbon Neutral Power).